About Us

NCA Mandate
  • Planning and implementing artistic educational activities for all Maldivians interested in arts, including school leavers and the unemployed youth.
  • Provide technical assistance in the operation of local arts NGOs and networking with similar NGOs internationally.
  • Showcase the talent of artists with opportunities locally and internationally.
  • Organizing arts festivals, competitions and exhibitions to nurture and develop local talent, while increasing public engagement.
  • Introduce and award artists and arts productions at the national level.
  • Provide technical support and guidance to individuals and organizations efforts to teach and promote the arts in the Maldives
  • Issue permits for local feature and short films, as well as permits for foreign photoshoots, film shoots, adverts and music concerts.
  • Create and maintain a directory of local artists.
  • Research and document the long-standing cultural arts and activities of the Maldives, and have this information accessible to the public.
  • Providing music ensembles for government-organized events.
  • Conduct discussions and workshops with artists for students to create interest in the arts among students and provide them opportunities to showcase their talent.
  • Encourage local artists to promote their art and attract public interest.
  • Operating and managing government cinemas and entertainment centers.

NAG Mandate
  • Organizing exhibitions and competitions among artists and providing opportunities for local artists to participate in exhibitions and competitions abroad
  • To ensure that local painters have access to information about world-renowned artists and their work.
  • To ensure that the works of local artists are publicly displayed.
  • To procure, collect and preserve works relating to local artists and the art sector and ensure that they will be displayed in public.
  • To procure, collect, and safely maintain the works and materials that are part of the art and culture of the Maldives, other South Asian and Islamic countries so that the public can be informed about them and kept for public viewing.
  • Design and implement "residency programs" for artists in order to refresh skillsets, raise the standards of artists in the field, and encourage the development of new artists
  • Commission artists in order to help them refresh their skills and develop them further.
  • To promote friendship and unity among local artists and work to develop and improve the art sector to foster harmony among them
  • To make the field of art associated with art and painting an area of financial development for local artists and the people of the Maldives.