Olympus Reopening


Dhivehi Fannaanunge Miuzikee Eid 2022

Dhivehi Fannaanunge Miuziky Eid 2021

“Through The Eyes of Van Gogh” 2022

'The Lionfish and the Plastic Bag'

Underwater World of Maldives and Craftworks by Dr. Naaila

Aishath Huda's 'The Bird and the Flying Fish'

Azmy Memorial Exhibition 2019

Zuleykha Ali: "A Vulnerable Beauty: Maldives" Exhibition

Hiriya School "Hurivaru Arts and Craft Exhibition" 2019

Kangaroo Kids Preschool 'Annual Arts Exhibition' 2019

NCA Al-Kaun Madhaha Mubaaraiy Ran Adu 1440

Unveiling Visions 2019

SAARC Artist Camp and Exhibition

'In My Mind' - Creative Arts Exhibition 2019

Seychelles Festival Kreol

Double Dot Photography Exhibition 'The White Fire'

GMB Akash Photography Exhibition 'Soulscapes'

Ahmed Amir's 'Impermanence' Exhibition 2019

Abudy Maldives Thread-painting workshop 2020

Script-writing Workshop 2021

Unveiling Visions 2020

World Cultural Heritage Week - Republic of Maldives at Sharjah 2021

Abudy Maldives Thread painting workshop 2022

Abudy Maldives Thread painting workshop awarding ceremony 2021

Unveiling Visions 2021

Dhivehi Film Awards 9

'Towards Solitude' Exhibtion