NCA's Al-Kaun Madhaha Mubaaraiy Ran Adu 1440 begins

25th April 2019

The on-going Madhaha competition is organized by National Centre for the Arts in collaboration with Al-Kaun TV Channel and specially takes place during Ramadan. This two-day competition takes place at Olympus Cinema Hall. This year boasts 82 competitors ranging from 16 atolls and 44 schools. There are also 46 students who are competing by their own merit. This competition is separated into 4 age group categories: 9 years and under, 11 years and under, 13 years and under and 16 years and under. There is also a separate category for group performances, with 270 students participating and 35 madhaha being performed in total.

This is the 5th such year the competition has taken place without pause. It has garnered much support and praise from around Maldives.