NCA signs MoU with PSM to host 8th Dhivehi Film Awards

National Centre for the Arts (NCA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Public Service Media (PSM) to plan and manage the 8th Dhivehi Film Awards.

Under this contract, the 8th Dhivehi Film Awards will be hosted by PSM, which includes concept designing of the ceremony, promoting and live broadcasting.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Youth and Sports Iruthisham Adam thanked PSM for its support. Minister Iruthisham said that acknowledging and appreciating the talent of youth in the country is given utmost priority by the ministry, stressing that such activities are given importance in the ministry’s mandate itself. The minister expressed hope that a complete and unique ceremony will be delivered by PSM.

Furthermore, Minister Iruthisham highlighted and appreciated the efforts of PSM in building and engaging youth in the entertainment sector.

Speaking after signing the agreement at a ceremony held at Seneco building of Dhivehi Rajjeyge Adu, Managing Director of PSM Ibrahim Khaleel stated that this is the beginning of various efforts between PSM and NCA.

The 8th Dhivehi Film Awards is scheduled to be held on December 19, 2017.